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Rose Stretch Mark Cream

Rose Stretch Mark Cream

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Stretch Mark Remover: The stretch mark cream can effectively help reduce stretch marks caused  from pregnancy, promote cell regeneration, effectively repair necrotic tissue, stretch marks, obesity pattern, growth patter, and can improve your color of skin texture.

Herbal Extract: The stretch mark cream is extracted from roses and various herbs and made with natural plant nutrition repair ingredients. Our product is tested with scientific methods many times over to ensure their safety and free from irritation.

Skin Elasticity: The stretch mark cream visibly improves your skin elasticity, promote metabolism and blood circulation, improve skin firmness, restore skin elasticity, and highly nourish the skin with high hydration firming and moisturizing function. Our cream will smooth rough skin.

Prevention: Formulated with naturals ingredients and scientific methods it penetrates deep in the skin and soften scar tissue, safely fading existing scar tissues and blemishes. It helps alleviate and greatly prevent the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


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