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Neck and Cervical Spine Alignment Massager

Neck and Cervical Spine Alignment Massager

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Spine Cervical Correction: Our device releases pressure on the neck and shoulders which can help in spine correction for short term pain relief and long term cervical postural alignment.It also relieves stiffness and promotes nerve healing.

Pressure Point Therapy: This device feature 6 massage nodes positioned to provide pressure point therapy and neck pain relief. This kind of therapy is highly valued in the treatment of cervical spondylosis and neck arthritis. 

Neck Relief: This device design allows the spine to stretch in 3 different directions, separate the vertebrae, and create cervical neck traction. it has a C-shaped opening and U-shaped curvature that fits with the slope of the neck while supporting the head and spine. The massaging function offers immediate pain relief, protecting healthy nerves and encouraging normal muscle function over time. It also relieves common cervical neck pain while supporting long-term improvement of related symptoms.


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